Wildwood Cloud Services

Employment Module

Developed and continuously improved by a unique collaboration of employment and technology staff.

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Business Partnership Map

All your organization's business connections, at your finger tips.

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Our Modules

Employment Tracker

The Employment module is an efficient, paperless solution for voluntary providers of ACCES-VR and OPWDD employment services. Because it is designed for the field and built from the field, it offers a simple and intuitive user experience.

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Business Partnership Map

Business Partnership Map (BPM) is a cloud software as a service application used to track different business partnerships an organization may have. BPM allows organizations to increase awareness and take advantage of their community connections.

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For the Field From the Field

Wildwood Cloud Services offers software ​solutions and service based on applications​ that​ Wildwood Programs, a recognized human service provider​, develops for its own use. We are highly unique in that our software starts with our program staff who work with our developers to develop the right solution for them. We are our own first users of all of our services.

Support From Real People

Our affiliation with Wildwood Programs is another​ unique strength as it allows us to offer support in both the technical and programmatic aspects of our services. We not only ​answer ​questions about basic “how-to” technical ​matters, but ​can also share how our program staff have organized the use of our software for ​its intended purposes, live in person, over the phone or via webinar.

Cloud Based Flexibility and Security

Security is very important to us. All of our modules use SSL encryption for keeping your protected data secure. We stay up to date and familiarize ourselves with the latest security vulnerabilities and act swiftly when they present themselves. Our systems monitor and act on any suspicious login attempts. Our internal infrastructure is located in a secure office that requires keycard access and infrared cameras are located throughout the building. We take pride in keeping your sensitive data in the right hands.

Simplicity is a Virtue

Our goal is to provide solutions that are as simple, obvious, and intuitive for our users as possible. Our customers have found that they need very little support to get going with our services​;​ thus, they are able to get on with their work quickly and efficiently. We accomplish this by using easy to recognize forms for data entry, much like the paper forms we are all familiar with.

Exceptional Value

Having come out of the non-profit human services world, we realize just how precious financial resources are in our field. We strive to provide pricing that is both simple and a remarkably good value for our customers. We offer pricing that is scaled to the size of your organization and grows with you.

Department Modules Working Together

Each of the Modules we offer is tailored to meet the specific programmatic needs of each Department within your organization. While our "Agency" module is built to meet the operational needs of the whole of your organization, ensuring ease of up to date information sharing between Departments by acting as a central data repository and exchange. Individual demographics, program history and current services status are all available at a glance for authorized users across the agency as needed.
The Wildwood system has made us so efficient! Since we are new to Employment, it has been helpful to have all the forms set up for us. Basic demographics are seamlessly carried through all documentation and if there are errors, the system will alert staff.​

​- Tracey Spann, Birch Family Services​
The Employment Tracker System has been tremendously helpful in helping me to manage 5 different Employment Programs with 5 different billing protocols. The conversion process was very fast and smooth. We were "up and running" in 2 months and any concern or request has been addressed in a timely manner ever since. The IT support is five star - they even connected me with their program personnel who provided consultation on their own usage and approach to some common tasks. Highly recommend!​

​- Marta Reeger, Mill Neck Services​
The Wildwood Employment Database has proven to be a very helpful and efficient way to track our employment services. It is user friendly, and Wildwood staff have been more than willing to help us tailor the database to fit our program needs. The Employment Database is allowing us to create more efficient ways of reporting and maintaining quality documentation.

​- Ashley Walton, Lexington Center​